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Attention - fraud!

Dear Customer

We shall inform you about cases when cardholders receive fraudulent phone calls and SMS messages, for example:

- A phone call, informing about a problem with their credit card,  conducting of technical work by the network operator (and so on) with request/demand under different pretenses to report the card balance, card details (card number, expiration date, security code CVV2) or to perform the operation on transferring funds in ATM;

- SMS messages with information about the card being locked, transferring of money (and so on) with a request to call to unlock the card or to obtain reference information, usually by calling the cell phone number specified in the SMS message.

Versions of fraudulent SMS messages:

"Your bank card is blocked. Please call 89ХХХХХХХХХ to unblock it"

"Your Visa card is blocked by Central Bank of the Russian Federation, more information by calling 89ХХХХХХХХХ»

"Application for transfer of 9,000 from the card is accepted. Information - 89ХХХХХХХХХ " and so on.

Please note that SMS messages from the Banca Intesa can come only from the Banca Intesa sender and they are always informational. The last four digits of the card number are always indicated in text messages, as well as your name and surname. SMS messages from frauds do not contain this information, as they do not have it.

In this connection, it is strongly recommended that you:

- Do not call back to the cell number specified in the SMS message or one dictated over the phone, if you suspect that you have been addressed by frauds, it is necessary to record the caller's name and position, and then call back to the  Banca Intesa on the number on the back side of your card to check information.

- Never, and under no circumstances, provide card details to strangers, Banca Intesa employees know this information.

- Never make transactions in an ATM under the instructions of third parties.

Please report to Banca Intesa customer support service about all cases of telephone frauds by calling:

+7 (495) 775 41 01 (Moscow) or 8 (800) 2008 008 (free call within Russia).

Your faithfully,
Banca Intesa CJSC

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