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Drawing from the experience of Banca IMI, the investment bank of the Corporate and Investment Banking Division of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, ZAO Banca Intesa can offer a complete and innovative range of products and services in the ambit of Investment Banking and Capital Market activity.

More specifically, ZAO Banca Intesa can offer professional consultancy services in Structured Finance, in the definition of a company’s strategic objectives and the extraordinary financial transactions required to achieve these (i.e. mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures and partnerships, disposals and demergers), in the restructuring of liabilities (e.g. economic and financial analysis of the company or group undergoing restructuring, formulation of financial equilibrium scenarios, negotiation with the main creditors) and, finally, in company restructuring (LBO, MBO, demergers, inheritance tax transactions etc.).

ZAO Banca Intesa supports companies through all phases of extraordinary financial transactions, including sector analysis, identification of possible local partners, development of acquisition strategies and due diligence, earmarking of financial structure opportunities and support for businesses in their relations with government bodies and market and regulatory authorities.

In Capital Market activities, ZAO Banca Intesa offers Treasury and Foreign Exchange products (deposits, F.R.A., swaps, spot and forward exchange transactions on the rouble or other major currencies etc.) to facilitate a wide range of hedging options on exchange rates and local currency.

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