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Individual safety deposit box

An individual safety deposit box is one of the most reliable methods of keeping your personal valuables.

You may use an individual safety deposit box for keeping:

  • jewelry;
  • precious metals and stones;
  • cash;
  • securities;
  • important documents;
  • other things of value.

Your individual safety deposit box is located in a special room in the Bank’s branch, with a multi-level security system, reliably protecting the contents of the box against unauthorized tampering and penetration.

Advantages of an individual safety deposit box:

  • High reliability
    Your safety deposit box is guarded on a 24-hour basis, which ensures the safety of your valuables.
  • Confidentiality of information on the contents of the safe deposit box
    You will be the only one to know the contents of the safe deposit box*.
  • Possibility of individual and joint rent of the safe deposit box
    You may use the safety deposit box together with your relatives and authorized persons.
  • Convenience of real estate transactions
    If you are going to perform a real estate purchase and sale transaction, an individual safe deposit box may be the most convenient method of settlements when cash is transferred from the buyer to the seller.

* The following may not be kept in an individual safety deposit box: weapons, substances with a strong odor, narcotic drugs, highly flammable substances, foodstuffs, and substances that may have impact on preservation of the safety box.

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